Do you know your value?

I ask yo do you know your value but first you have to know what value is. Its when something is important a persons principles or standards of behavior. Something beneficial someone’s high opinion of you.

Did you ever shop at a department store and went in their jewelry department? what do you see? The jewelry is on some sort of display where everyone can easily get access to. That’s because the jewelry isn’t valuable. Any and everybody can touch it. They can try on bracelets, earrings and so on. Then if you don’t want it you put it back on the display, usually not in the same place you found it. That’s the same way a man see a women that don’t value herself. You give him access to your life without any standards or principles. You give him to much freedom to do what he wants when he wants. When you give off that vibe a man that want to play games smell you a mile away. Just like a shark that can smell you in the water. they look at you as if you are desperate and thirsty for a man any man. Just because he wants to sleep with you don’t mean he want a long time commented relationship or marriage with you. He see you like you will sleep with anybody if you would sleep with him knowing he is not husband material.

Now if you are a woman of value and know her standards in a man, you will never have to worry about a man coming into your life with nonsense. Men know a woman that puts herself on a pedestal. and who have morals. That’s the reason often times a woman like that is usually single. That’s God working in your favor, he’s weeding out the bad bunch. So if a man know he can’t have you because of your morals and love for yourself he won’t try to talk to you because he won’t have a chance in hell.

That’s just like a man wanting to buy a car ,he only has money for a used car that may not be in perfect condition but that’s all he can afford. so he will go spend a little money because its not that valuable. In his mind he is going to trade it in for another used car. But he will not go on a Mercedes Benz lot if he know he cant afford it . That’s the same with a woman if he can’t afford your standards, values and morals he AIN’T buying. So he will stay away.

Published by Coach Lady Lea

Darlene is a Certified Professional Life Coach with years of experience and skills in the field, bringing to the table a mixed set of skills and experience coaching in self-love and relationships. Darlene is a graduate who grew up in a sheltered household, religious parents, which has paved the way to learn more about life through trial and error. Having specialized in information systems, she acquired her coach training in different areas of profession and now, fully ready to guide others in life choices, while believing that we were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. Drawing on her experiences since inception, she also coaches executives and entrepreneurs, focusing on high-tech and early-stage startup companies, which enabled her to develop and evolve her competencies in leadership, sales, and client relations. Possessing a natural curiosity and passion for technology, Darlene transitioned into a role and advanced her skills in strategic thinking, communication, and client management. A genuine passion for personal & professional development and human potential led Darlene to her role as a Certified Professional Life Coach, starting as Coach Specialist. This experience has given Darlene unique insight into the world of professional coaching, providing her with an invaluable skill set and an educated eye in effortlessly identifying the traits and competencies .that make for highly effective coaching partnerships, and as a result, helping medium to large organizations elevate their bottom line through performance-enhancing initiatives. Make an appointment with Darlene! You won't find anyone with more passion or experience! Darlene is going to do everything that we can to make you happy! Take the chance to grow and prosper, and by doing so, extend your viewpoint off-limits! Contact Darlene today then if you need any further assistance on any issues. Please send an email and state your interests in the subject line, referencing what you need help with. I will love to hear from you, so get in touch.

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