Are you a goal digger?

Goal diggers on the other hand are people who achieve things in their lifetime. Often times they are self taught. By that I mean they are always looking and yearning for new knowledge. With the new knowledge they have a new goal. They are not complacent with where they are. If they have a Bachelor’s Degree they study for their Master’s degree then their Doctoral Degree. I’m guilty of that I will have my Doctoral Degree next year. when you have knowledge you have power, and with power you can conquer your goals. they don’t just want a job they want a career. They don’t just want a business they want to be an entrepreneur. They don’t want to just work in the company they want to be the CEO. They don’t want to be just a CNA they want to be a RN. they don’t want to be just a Teacher they want to be the Principal. They want to be aspiring actors, producers Hip-hop artist and singers As long as they keep dreaming, their purpose is going to spring up like a well of water.

My whole family is guilty of being goal diggers. Like I said earlier, when in Rome you do what the Romans do. When you are in a family that are full of goal diggers your mindset is the same. What’s the next thing on our list. In other words lack of better terms. We cant sit still because we are routed in our purpose. So I want to take this time to introduce you to some of my family members. THE GOAL DIGGERS.

Meet my neice, Tiffany Land. Married with one son. Tiffany is a ambitious young women that was always about her business. I told her when she was 16yrs old that she was high mantiance. and that she needs to make a lot of money. Some say she was spoiled. But she was just an ambitous goal digger. She put herself through school and got her Master’s Degree in Finance. She started working for Merill Lynch as a Financial Advisor and is now one of the top Financial Brokers in JP Morgan. She is a goal digger that travels all over the world with her family.

Meet my cousin Melody Robinson. single mother of one daughter. Melody is another goal digger. She has always been involved in the community when she was a teenager. And knew what she wanted in life early on. She was hired as a Police Officer in 2005. then graduated from John Jay college with her Bachelor degree in 2006. She quickly worked her way up in ranks at the NYC Police Department. In 2011 she was promoted to Sergeant, then in 2014 promoted to Lieutenant. In 2019 she was promoted to Captain. She is one of many African American woman to hold the position of Captain in NYC. Melody is a decrative officer with countless awards the city is closed due to COVID-19, but she is set to receive the 2nd highest medal the Police Department rewards to their Officers.

Meet my cousin Evangeline Byars, single mother of an amazing little girl.She is a Train Operator at NYCTA. She serves on the Executive Board of  TWU Local 100 Train operators Division Rapid Transit Operations.  Evangeline graduated from Medgar Evers College with a Bachelors Degree in English/Cross-Cultural Literature with a minor in professional writing. Ms. Byars Additionally,  was the Excutive Director and Regional Organizer for New York Students Rising a statewide student organization dedicated to defending public Higher Education in New York State. Evangeline’s servant spirit awarded her with being elected to serve as the Community Service Director of the New York State Young Democrats Caucus of Color 2013 -2014. Evangeline was recognized by the Obama administration for her advocacy and organizing   and was invited to Washington to work on a campaign to combat student debt, Income Based Loan Repayment IBR in 2014. This is a goal digger that won’t stop dreaming because she is routed in her purpose,

Meet my cousin Tomika Reid. Single mother of two young girls. Tomika is one goal digger that has done more in her life than some people take a lifetime to fufil. She overcame deaths, hurt and dissapointments at a very young age.But with her faith in God she sarted setting goals. After healing her broken spirit. She set an ultimate goal and decided to turn her pain into her purpose.So she made the decision to relocate with her girls to get a new start at life. She educated herself and gained new knowledge.Today she is a three times Author and Motivational Speaker. You can purchase anyone of her books at Tomika is a goal digger that her girls can elmelate in their lives. That they too can be goal diggers as well.

Meet Nisha Crosby. She’s like a sister to me.Nisha is a single mother of two boys. Nisha come from a long line of goal diggers. So it was inevitable that she succeded. Her passion was always to be an aspiring Nurse. So she uprouted her life and she moved to NC to follow her dream. Like I said earlier dreams are routed in purpose. She has the will and the knowledge to achieve anything she wishes. She didn’t let people hold her back with their negative comments, instead she worked in the Hosipital at night, and went to school in the day.She started Prerequisites in 2016 and was accepted to the Nursing Program in 2018. She graduated with her BA in Nursing and is now a RN.She was offered the opportunity to go to NYC to work on the frontline with the COVID-19 patients. But she had to decline because she must study for her up coming State Board Exam which is another goal she must conquer. This young woman has places to go and people to see. And there is more for her to acheive.

Meet my sister Shawn Atkinson. Mother of four. She is also Tiffany’s mother who I profiled first in the post. Shawn was a teenage mother who was a goal digger. She didn’t let that stop her from what she wanted to achieve. Shawn had a lot of obstacles that a young mother would encounter. But she kept achieving her goals She then had to take a break from school to raise her children. After the well need brake she went back to school and got her Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Childhood Psychology She then landed a job as a School Teacher in NYC. She also worked with children with Mental Health issues. This goal digger is still in school , so be on the look out because she’s not finished.

If you was paying close attention then you realize that all the goal diggers I profiled are women. We are strong in body. mind and spirit. I’m proud to associate myself with these goal diggers. But I’m not done. I have more goal diggers in my family that will blow your mind. So stay tune the MEN are up next week. So to be continued GOD BLESS.

Published by Coach Lady Lea

Darlene is a Certified Professional Life Coach with years of experience and skills in the field, bringing to the table a mixed set of skills and experience coaching in self-love and relationships. Darlene is a graduate who grew up in a sheltered household, religious parents, which has paved the way to learn more about life through trial and error. Having specialized in information systems, she acquired her coach training in different areas of profession and now, fully ready to guide others in life choices, while believing that we were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. Drawing on her experiences since inception, she also coaches executives and entrepreneurs, focusing on high-tech and early-stage startup companies, which enabled her to develop and evolve her competencies in leadership, sales, and client relations. Possessing a natural curiosity and passion for technology, Darlene transitioned into a role and advanced her skills in strategic thinking, communication, and client management. A genuine passion for personal & professional development and human potential led Darlene to her role as a Certified Professional Life Coach, starting as Coach Specialist. This experience has given Darlene unique insight into the world of professional coaching, providing her with an invaluable skill set and an educated eye in effortlessly identifying the traits and competencies .that make for highly effective coaching partnerships, and as a result, helping medium to large organizations elevate their bottom line through performance-enhancing initiatives. Make an appointment with Darlene! You won't find anyone with more passion or experience! Darlene is going to do everything that we can to make you happy! Take the chance to grow and prosper, and by doing so, extend your viewpoint off-limits! Contact Darlene today then if you need any further assistance on any issues. Please send an email and state your interests in the subject line, referencing what you need help with. I will love to hear from you, so get in touch.

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