Break the Curse

Why do we always pick the man, that will eventually break us? Why do we want that bad boy? Why are we drawn to toxicity? Why do we want that drug dealer? Why are we selling drugs? Why do we want a older man? Why are you a High School dropout? Why are you aContinue reading “Break the Curse”

You won’t drown

Do you date you?

Have you ever took you on a date? I have, the first time I was a young girl. People thought I was a little weird. They say who does that. ME! When you take a lunch break, you order your food you eat and then go back to work. Guess what? You just took yourselfContinue reading “Do you date you?”

Who influencing you?

There is a new video that was released, called the WAP. If you don’t know what the WAP is, I would suggest that you google it. That got me wondering who are our influencers. Every where you look there is sex selling us a dream. The young ladies that did this video suppose to beContinue reading “Who influencing you?”

Love πŸ’˜ yourself

I woke up this morning πŸŒ„ and looked in the mirror. Who did I see. The most beautiful, important intellectual ,self-loved , πŸ’œ resourceful ,self-employed, self-contained, self efficient independent ,well informed, sexy, motivated, brown skin woman looking back at me. WOW!! What a sight 😍 ❀ to see.

Don’t rush the process

Success is coming

My Dating Tips for the first 30 days

OMG look at him he is fine. Look at his hair, look at his skin, look at his clothes, look at his eyes. OMG he is definitely eye candy. So I get it, he’s gorgeous! Now that you established his beauty, what about his standards. My tips for the first 30 days. When you goContinue reading “My Dating Tips for the first 30 days”