Break the Curse

Why do we always pick the man, that will eventually break us? Why do we want that bad boy? Why are we drawn to toxicity? Why do we want that drug dealer? Why are we selling drugs? Why do we want a older man? Why are you a High School dropout? Why are you aContinue reading “Break the Curse”

Do you date you?

Have you ever took you on a date? I have, the first time I was a young girl. People thought I was a little weird. They say who does that. ME! When you take a lunch break, you order your food you eat and then go back to work. Guess what? You just took yourselfContinue reading “Do you date you?”

Who influencing you?

There is a new video that was released, called the WAP. If you don’t know what the WAP is, I would suggest that you google it. That got me wondering who are our influencers. Every where you look there is sex selling us a dream. The young ladies that did this video suppose to beContinue reading “Who influencing you?”

My Dating Tips for the first 30 days

OMG look at him he is fine. Look at his hair, look at his skin, look at his clothes, look at his eyes. OMG he is definitely eye candy. So I get it, he’s gorgeous! Now that you established his beauty, what about his standards. My tips for the first 30 days. When you goContinue reading “My Dating Tips for the first 30 days”

Why He Pulls Away

Most men are interested in a healthy relationship. But then there are the men that just want sex. There is really no way to tell. All you can do is keep your eyes open. In the beginning everything is going good so you think. He is doing everything right. And he’s saying all the rightContinue reading “Why He Pulls Away”

Thanks For Not Loving Me!

It’s really easy to love someone when everything is perfect and wonderful. When you are on the top of the world and nothing matters except being in the good graces of the one you love. You was not perfect. I saw all your flaws and all the mistakes you made. I loved you when youContinue reading “Thanks For Not Loving Me!”


Why are you allowing someone to make you feel bad about your life choices? Just because you might not meet their expectations of a successful woman. Doesn’t mean your not successful. You may had a bad break in life. You started having children at a young age. You can’t find a decent job, so youContinue reading “YOU ARE STILL A QUEEN”

You Are Still a Queen

If I show you a $100 dollar bill, do you know the value? Yes it’s worth $100 dollars. If I fold it in half, its worth $100. If I ball it up, it’s worth $100 dollars. If I throw it on the ground and step on it, it’s still worth $100 dollars. You may feelContinue reading “You Are Still a Queen”

Living Perfect in an Imperfect World

Have you ever asked yourself ,where would we be in a perfect world? People complain about what is going on in our society daily. Our youth is out of control, we have child trafficking, child molestations, no one cares about our children. We have the injustice with the Police killing our Black men, We alsoContinue reading “Living Perfect in an Imperfect World”

Seeing Life In 2020

This will be the year we open our eyes.


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